It’s time for a fresh point of view.

Let me help you move towards your goals with intent.

Are you struggling to communicate in your relationships? Does it feel like sometimes you’re speaking different languages?

Do outside stressors such as work, children, and school leave you feeling drained? Do internal stressors such as trauma, anxiety, or depression leave you struggling to give attention to those who need it?

Life is about balance and bonds, and it’s best enjoyed when we move with a purpose. Together we’ll create achievable and realistic treatment plans that will improve essential areas of functioning such as your occupation, social life, and your romantic life.

I’m here to help you put in the work needed to improve the chances of reaching your goals. You’ll be able to enjoy life more fully, to communicate better, and understand yourself and others on a deeper level.

Who I am

My name is Chris Dudley. I’m a Licensed Professional Counseling Associate who sees clients via telehealth. I am devoted to collaborating with individuals and couples to find new and more effective ways to communicate. I help reduce depression, anxiety and can help you work through past traumas that might be preventing you from reaching your full potential. I do this using Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Reality Therapy, Mindfulness, and unconditional positive regard.

Getting to the brass tacks…


Licensed Professional Psychological Associate

(Supervised by Amanda Lacefield)

Education and Training

University of Louisville, B.A. Psychology

University of Louisville M.Ed Counseling Psychology

I have spent the last eleven years helping thousands of people during my career as a Police Officer. My time helping those in greatest need has given me a deeper understanding of trauma, family bonds, and the myriad of things that can suddenly go wrong. Spending so many years in the field taught me that mental health services are needed more than ever. I specialize in working with individuals and couples 18 and up struggling with relational issues, depression, adjustment and anxiety disorders, as well as trauma. I also specialize in Men’s issues and diversity. I’ll help you challenge yourself to see the world in a more positive and appreciative way which will encourage healthy behavior and thought processes.

For your convenience, my appointments are held via telehealth. I look forward to meeting you and finding out what we can achieve together.

Free 30-minute Consultation

I offer a free 30-minute consultation to all potential clients. It gives you a chance to ask questions about what therapy is like with me, my experiences, the services offered, and to decide if I am the therapist for you.

Contact Me

If you have any questions or would like to set up an appointment, don’t hesitate. Contact me today and I will get back with you within 24 to 48 hours.


185 E Lincoln Trail Blvd, Radcliff, Ky 40160

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